Publié le 10-12-2023

Official handover ceremonies of a building with three school classes and an office in N'gbékro and two (02) social and ecological housing units in BTCS in Gogokro

This Tuesday, December 5, 2023, a strong delegation from the Autonomous District of Yamoussoukro led by the 3rd Vice Governor Mr. Kouamé Eugène went to the villages of N'gbékro and Gogokro for the official handover of a three (03) building school classes and an office in N'gbékro and two (02) social and ecological housing in BTCS for teachers of Gogokro primary school.
The 3rd Vice-Governor was accompanied by his collaborators namely Mr. Léandre Koffi, Secretary General of the District Council, Mr. Anicet Kouassi, Director General of Administration, Mr. Sylla Abdoulaye, Director of Construction and his collaborators, without forgetting the service Communication.

Madam Inspector of Preschool and Primary Education (IEP) and Mr. IEP Inspector Morofé, represented the Regional Director of National Education and Literacy (DRENA).

As part of the speeches, after the various interventions, the Vice-Governor took the floor to express the presence of the delegation he is leading. He then officially handed over the keys to the two (02) infrastructures to the different populations of the two villages. First in N'gbékro and then in Gogokro.

Madam and Mr. DRENA representatives, after receiving the keys to the infrastructure, expressed their gratitude to Minister Governor Augustin THIAM.

The spokesperson for Gogokro also said thank you to Doctor Augustin THIAM, Chief canton of Akouès for his sense of social and political foresight in matters of development. He presented some grievances, namely:

- the construction of a water tower;

- the completion of the health center which has been under construction for more than five (05) years;

- A youth center that can serve as a cultural center for the village;

- the construction of a 2nd primary school which will bear the name "AUGUSTIN THIAM".

Both ceremonies ended with donations and blessings from the villagers to the Minister Governor.