Competences of the Yamoussoukro Autonomous District <!-- p-->


The 2003-208 law of July 07 transferring competences from the authority to the authorities attributes 16 competences to the District.
1. Territorial Planning
2. Development planning,
3. Urbanism and housing
4. Channels of communication and various networks,
5. Transport
6. Health, public hygiene and the quality of life of life
7. Environmental protection and natural resource management
8. Security & oacute; and civil protection
9. Teaching, scientific research, vocational and technical training
10. Social, cultural and human promotion
11. Sport and leisure
12. The promotion of economic development and employment
13. Tourism promotion
14. Communication
15. Hydropower, sanitation and electrification
16. The promotion of the family, the youth, the woman, the child, the people of the 3ª age and handicapped people